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    Default Sony NEX-3 or Olympus E-PL1


    I'm hoping to pick up a micro four-thirds next week and cant decide between the NEX-3 or E-PL1. I realise the sony produces class leading pictures, but I'm drawn to the olympus too, and also found that its biggest flaw, slow auto-focus, has been improved via a firmware update. Does this update really make a difference?

    I'd just like a to hear people's views, which would help me decide!



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    Well the Sony isn't MFT... I'm sure the first range of NEX cameras will appeal to the gadget brigade, but photographers are likely to want the better handling and control of Panasonic and Olympus MFT, and the Samsung NX ranges.
    Not sure of your budget, but the Panasonic GF1 should be considered.

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    Thanks for the reply, although it sounds like you have something against the NEX range! It may be deemed as a bit of a gadget but it does the job where it counts according to nearly every review I'd read so far. However, I'd like to learn from this purchase so perhaps its not the best camera as a stepping stone to an eventual dslr...
    Will have a look at the GF1 too, as I have heard good things about it.

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    Have you tried either of these cameras in bright sun light, I think I would be tempted to do this before I bought

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