Dont know if I'm going to hear the answer I want to hear but thought its worth asking anyway .

I have just had my Nikon D90 stolen whilst on holiday which I was initially pretty upset about but started to think it was maybe a cloud with a silver lining ! I never really took to the Nikon completely , loved the detail after my Canon D60 but preferred the natural look and colours of the D60 and also found the highlights of the Nikon such as skies burnt out in a horribly digital way ?

I also wish I could just having something small to just whip out rather than a big bulky camera in its huge bag with all its lenses and accessories !

My main interest is landscapes/travel photography and am also doing a bit of freelance travel journalism so the photo side could require some decent quality pretty soon .

I have been looking at these Olympus pens and alike and dreaming of how easy they would be to carry around and whip out when the moment arises !!!

Can anyone help ?