I am having a bit of a problem

I have been using Photobox to print out my images

I previously complained to them about how dark my images came back, they re-printed them without using their enhancement programme and they still came back quite dark compared to how they look on my screen

At that point I tried to calibrate my monitor using a photo they send you to match your monitor to

I have also tried calibrating my monitor from articles on the web, Ithought my monitor was ok (it is not the best monitor - I got it with my computer a good few years ago)

The last lot of prints I got I brightened quite abit before ordering them and they came back reasonably ok

On Thursday night I decided to order a batch of prints to be mounted to try and sell, which I again brightened before ordering in the hope they would come back looking good

They arrived yesterday and I am not particularly happy with them - they are really dark!!

I am going to go to tesco and get one print printed, now I know they are not the best, but I just want to see if the image will come back as dark

Has anyone else had this problem?