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    Just wondered what are the favoured cameras and lenses that the top pros. use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KCM408 View Post
    Just wondered what are the favoured cameras and lenses that the top pros. use?
    I'd say it depends on what section of the photography market they worked in.

    Any particular section you are interested in?

    Are you wanting to 'go pro'?

    I hear that professional astronauts and cosmonauts use Nikon.
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    Pro wildlife photographers favour -
    Canon 7d and Nikon d300 due to the high quality crop sensors.

    Large, wide aperture lenses, with focal lengths ranging from 200-800mm

    Wedding photographers use -
    Canon 5dmkii and 1dmkiv/1dsmkiii, Nikon D700 and D3X/D3S, all these have large sensors, meaning a shallower depth of field, and generally better quality.

    50mm 1.4's, these allow them to use a reasonably fast shutter speeds when no flash is allowed in churches
    70-200 2.8's, these allow them to not get under the family's noses, whilst maintaining a high quality images
    High quality wide angle lens for the group shot, self explanatory really.

    Landscape photograpers use -
    Canon 5dmkii, 1dsmkiii, nikon D3X, sony a900/a850, all these have high quality, full frame sensors, so lots of detail is captured, along with being able to fit more in the sensor.

    High quality wide angle lens, EG nikon 14-24mm/16-35mm, canon 16-35mm, sigma 10-20mm, the list goes on...

    Hope that helps


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