Hi guys,

I am looking for some help

I took a picture of a lighthouse last week

Because of the angle I took the picture at thelight house was leaning in, so I edited the image and then used the "correct camera distortion" in Photoshop Elements 7 to straighten it up

I thought it looked good, then I noticed that the top of the lighthouse is squint (and so is the black band althought its not as noticable) and I cannot for the life of me work out how to straighten it!!

I have a friend who wants a mounted print of the image to give to a friend who is returning to Canada so I really would like to make it look better

Can anyone help!!

I cant work out how to get just my image on here so the image is called "Cloch Lighthouse at sunset - de-halo'ed! (IMG_9660)" and you can see it here:


Thank you