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    Default New Telephoto zoom... Increased budget

    Hi guys

    So as you may or may not remember i wanted a telephoto zoom for shooting tennis from the stands of the O2 arena

    So my budget is now aroiund 300-350 as I have decided to wait until i fished my summer job sailing.

    I was thinking of the 70-300mm VR nikkor lens to team with my little (but sweet) D40

    Any other suggestions?


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    The Nikon is a smidgeon above your budget at just over 400, though you may find it cheaper if you shop around. Alternatively the is just under 300.
    Beware though - there are several different Sigma 70-300mm's available. Make sure you get the one with OS in the name, which has Optical Image Stabilisation. I wouldn't recommend getting a lens of this focal range without some form of stabilisation.

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    Would the sigma be in the same league as the nikon in terms of image quality?
    I have no problem spending 400 if it is worth it compared to the sigma.

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    there's a BIG problem here...

    You probably won't be allowed in the arena with a big lens like that. Members of the public were stopped at Wimbledon from doing just that.

    I would contact the O2 and ask them if there any restrictions on what sort of photographic equipment you can take in.
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    Ahh i see...
    I was in wimbledon 2 years ago and just carried in my tamrac ad. 6 camera bag and nothing was said.

    Also the sigma doesn't have the HSM, which may be important for the sport, although i enjoy manual focus.

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    Good point Fen. I have no idea what the restrictions are at this sort of event.

    And also its a good point that the Sigman is not HSM so won't AF with your D40, which makes the Nikon one the obvious choice. Whether or not you can get it into the O2 is a different matter.


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