Hello, I hope you can help me.
I know very little about cameras, but want to purchase one for a very specific purpose.

It would be to take digital photographs through a microscope (Brunel SP-200 research compound microscope) of fish scales for aging. Apparently adaptors to attach most digital cameras to a microscope are available, I just need to decide on the camera….

From what I’ve read I need a digital SLR camera. The shutter must continue to work when the lens has been removed as the microscope acts as the lens. It must also have through the lens light metering. The image needs to be high resolution for work with various softwares, but my understanding is that 12 mega pixels is big enough which from what I’ve read is fairly standard for many SLR cameras.

Apart from this I have very few restrictions, but there are so many cameras out there!
I also have no idea of what this sort of camera might cost, though it goes without saying, the less I can spend without compromising on functionality and quality the better.

So my questions are:
Could anyone suggest a few cameras fitting my description that I should look at more closely?
Also, has anyone done this sort of work before? If so, what camera do you use?