This certainly isn't the first and it wont be the last thread like this.

I am after some advice.

I purchased a Panasonic TZ5 camera 3 years ago after reading many positive reviews. The camera takes fantastic pictures outside, however inside it takes what can only be describes as the worst I have ever seen. Almost every picture of my children taken in low light conditions are surrounded by massive shadows. This is with the camera in full auto, or even in manual modes. We have tried it with the backlight on/off, flash on/auto/off and it makes little or no difference. Worse still to date stamp the photos you have to do this after the picture has been taken which then reduces the size & quality further!

Enough is enough

I am looking to replace this and will probably have between 200-250 to spend.

Most of the photos we take are of the children so the camera needs to be able to take quick pictures, inside in low light & good light, and outside.

Essesntially as both my wife & I are novices we just want to point & press and have nice pictures.

I want to be able to set the camera up so that it automatically date stamps the photos as they are taken as apposed to having to go back through them all afterwards and add them.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.