So yea hi, I'm at a dilemma, I have 250 to get a nice new camera kit with bit I'm not sure how to invest it.
I could chance it and get a older DSLR new or a slightly newer one second hand-which as long as I know what I'm getting I'm fine with...however, I'm a 6th form student no job, little available financial support from my parents, so after the basic kit I'd have no money to spend on additional lenses.

Which brings me onto bridge cameras-are there any decent bridge camera kits out there for my price range, that get get close to a DSLR standard. I'm looking for a camera that has good landscape, portrait, action and macro capabilities mainly-yes I know a lot to ask for.

So would it be more worth while getting a basic DSLR kit, with no additional lenses, or getting a modern bridge. (my dad has an old film DSLR which I guess gives me more reason, to get a bridge and practice with that-get a DSLR after uni when I have the cash to invest in a real kit?)

Thanks for any advise.