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    Hi all amd new to the world of dslrs have only ever used a compact camera and never even looked at changing settings! I have been looking round online for the last few weeks and am looking at buying in the next few weeks, so far I have been told canon is the way to go with the canon 500d the best choice (as I need video) I have also been told not to consider sony or panasonic or basically anyone except canon or nikon which seems sound advice as I am hoping to expand my knowledge and in time expannd my kit. So buying into the big two brands makes sense! More options whn I upgrade and can still use any lense I buy now. Anyway having looked at nothing but canon I went to a shop yesterday to have a feel and the guy at jessops also told me about the nikon d5000 which is similar to the canon 500d but only 12mp and doesn't have 1080p HD video but then again on the canon full HD is only captured at 20fps! I will be using the video for mainly shooting out new dog who will also be a show dog and taking videos at dog shows and camping trips etc! I have read reviews on both cameras and both seem great cameras for a newbie but the nikon is about 150 cheaper which I could spend on a 70-300 lens, which would hopefully help taking the long shots at dog shows, has anyone got any advice about these two cameras and is the canon really worth the 150 extra when it will be in the hands of a beginner?

    Many thanks Danny

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    Hi Danny,

    As a straight stills camera there isn't a lot to choose between the D5000 and Canon 500D. the Nikon has the tilting screen but the Canon's is bigger and higher resolution. The results are similar enough in quality for it not to be a big issue.
    When it comes to video though Canon is definitely better. It may only be 20fps at 1080p but this isn't such a big deal with static subjects more with movement or panning. Nikon's decision to opt for MJPEG for video results in larger file sizes and a measly max clip length of 7 mins, and the quality isn't as good. With the Canon set to 720p you get 18 mins at 30fps. Audio quality is much higher on the canon too.

    If you can possibly sretch to the new Canon 550D this is much better than the 500D for stills as well as video. An 18MP hi-res sensor, and much better video spec (inc the inclusion of a mic port for high quality stereo audio).

    Not sure why you were told to avoid Panasonic. Their Lumix GH1 has the highest spec video of any stills camera on the market for under a grand. You get full stereo sound built -in, plus a mic input, full 1080 HD video at 24fps for up to a second under 30 minutes. You get a full tilt and swivel LCD screen plus a viewfinder that you can use for recording, and full control over exposure settings etc. Its what we use for most of our own videos. At it might be a bit above your budget though.

    You could also take a look at the tiny new, just reviewed by WDC ( which isn't a DSLR either but does have interchangeable lenses and produces excellent stills and 1080 HD video quality.

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    hi danny

    i own a canon 500D i brought it last year in a deal from jessops and ive never looked back as the saying goes ive never took so many photos in my life
    i had looked first at the 450D then i heared Canon was bringing the 500D out so not having to buy a video cam as well this is why i went for the 500D so i could take small bits of video and at 20fps ive not had any probs but like nigel said if u can spend the little extra then there new model the 550D is that much better becuase the video side of the 550D frame rate is better and the mic then the 500D any thing i find wrong is the mic as for taken photos ive not got a prob with it its a great entry level dslr
    i took some photos of one of my family and had one of them printed out just to see the quality of the 500d at 30" x 20" poster size it came out that good i did not wanna give him the photo i was just sat in shock at the quality and canon call it a entry level dsrl
    so if your looking for a dsrl id say the 500D or the 550D for that little extra money
    hope this helps you out


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    canon nikon good advice but i would not rule out the others it depends on what you like to take pictures of. i know when i was doing my research then it was a 500d or a e620 both had features i liked but when the 550d came out then that made my mind up and i am very pleased with it


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