Hi all amd new to the world of dslrs have only ever used a compact camera and never even looked at changing settings! I have been looking round online for the last few weeks and am looking at buying in the next few weeks, so far I have been told canon is the way to go with the canon 500d the best choice (as I need video) I have also been told not to consider sony or panasonic or basically anyone except canon or nikon which seems sound advice as I am hoping to expand my knowledge and in time expannd my kit. So buying into the big two brands makes sense! More options whn I upgrade and can still use any lense I buy now. Anyway having looked at nothing but canon I went to a shop yesterday to have a feel and the guy at jessops also told me about the nikon d5000 which is similar to the canon 500d but only 12mp and doesn't have 1080p HD video but then again on the canon full HD is only captured at 20fps! I will be using the video for mainly shooting out new dog who will also be a show dog and taking videos at dog shows and camping trips etc! I have read reviews on both cameras and both seem great cameras for a newbie but the nikon is about 150 cheaper which I could spend on a 70-300 lens, which would hopefully help taking the long shots at dog shows, has anyone got any advice about these two cameras and is the canon really worth the 150 extra when it will be in the hands of a beginner?

Many thanks Danny