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    Default Compact digital camera for 7 year old

    I am looking to buy a compact digital camera for my daughter for her 7th birthday. Around about the 100 pound mark (give or take)
    It will mainly be used for snap shots.
    Should be able to handle indoor poorly lit situations - (I have a sony cybershot and have missed so many photos of my kids doing school assemblys and sports due to this problem)
    Also able to handle bright sunlight as we live in Saudi Arabia
    Good battery life.
    Able to take video.
    decent zoom would be good
    Fairly simple to use and preferably comes in pink or purple!!
    I have looked at the nikon coolpix s3000, but keep reading confusing reviews.
    Any advise would be appreciated

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    Default is generally available in that price range and is a good solid option - both my kids have had predecessor versions of it.

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    That's what I'd recommend too. Canon's Powershots are consistently good. Having said that, with two yound kids of my own who use a variety of the compacts I take home, image quality isn't something that means a lot to them. The two most important criteria are Looks, and Ease of Use, probably in that order.
    Luckily I think the Canon delivers on both these scores too, though I don't think its available in pink! Consider something like as an alternative.


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