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    Smile First SLR

    After a couple of years using a Fujifilm S8000fd I've decided to enter the SLR market.
    Know nothing about SLR photography, can anyone point me in the right direct ion of a good SLR camera that takes very good crisp close-up photos of single items. Also taking general photos in poor light. Budget is probably up to 700
    Have been looking at Nikon D90 and D5000 and also Canon EOS range.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    You can't go far wrong with the D90 or D5000, and the EOS 500D is well worth considering at that range, as well as the EOS 550D if you can find a good deal. It might also be worth budgeting for a flashgun and macro lens if you're going to be taking photos in poor light and close up. The flash may cost around 80 for a third party option and lens with close focusing feature (not necessarily true macro) around 170. A true macro lens costs around 450.

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    excellent advice from matt but i would also advise going and looking at the cameras too as each will feel different you need to have one that feels comfortable

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    Quote Originally Posted by frustrated_marie View Post
    ...good SLR camera that takes very good crisp close-up photos of single items...
    I get the sense that you want this for a specific purpose rather than just general snaps of flowers and bugs. Are you trying to do product photography of some kind? If close-up quality is important its important to know that DSLRs do not focus anywhere like as close as your previous camera right out of the box and you'll need either a macro lens or some kind of supplementary close-up accessory such as screw in close up lenses. Lots of lenses say they're macro but aren't (in that hey can't get close enough to reproduce a 1:1 lifesize), but depending how close you need to go you may get away with one of these.
    Either way you'll probably need to factor in the cost of whatever you choose which will bring down what you'll be able to pay for the camera.

    Perhaps you could provide more info on what you want to shoot, how big it is, and therefore how close you need to get.


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