Hi - I currently have a macro, an 18-55 and a 55-200 lens. I did have a 70-300 but that broke!

I am looking to improve on my zoom lens and also want to be able to do wide angle shots. I have a number of options, but wondered how readers / users covered the range from 10mm up to 300/400mm. I was thinking of getting a 10-20/24 mm wide angle and then a zoom up to 400 so I don't have to carry about a lot of kit. However, I also want to avoid heavy lenses.

Then there is a camera shoulder strap. Has anyone got or tried one of the Black Rapid shoulder straps? And if not, what good shoulder straps do you use?

I know I want a lot (!!) but as this will probably be the last time I buy any new equipment for a while I want to be sure I get it right!

Thanks in advance!


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