I have a Fuji S7000 that I purchased around 5 years ago from Singapore. I was thinking it's getting old now and was looking at a replacement. It's in full working order but is looking tired and will no doubt let me down one day so I thought do I do it while I have time on my hands. Having said that it's been a very good camera and has never missed a beat

It has a 19x zoom and is 6mp with two memory card slots (CF and XD) of which I have collected a few over the last 5 years.

Do I replace it or not? And what with? another bridge or DSLR?

I have looked through the June mag and the "techie" stuff out there is overwhelming.

The fight club shows two bridge cameras that look good but has the zoom only moved on 1x since mine was made. I know the new Fuji is 30x but not sure about the build quality.

I have a budget of around 400 to 500 but don't want to spend it on a camera that doesn't give me much more than what I have already.

I mainly take Family pictures, holidays and do enjoy landscapes and night shots. I still have 2 35mm bodies and all the lenses but was put on the back seat when the Fuji came along.

Look forward to you replies