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    Question Newbie: Compact Camera for general use?

    Trying to find a compact camera for my general use, needs to have
    - 10+ megapixel
    - Relatively good battery life
    - In-built battery
    - Easy method for transferring images to my PC
    - 5x+ zoom
    - price of under 200

    other features are not strictly necessary but would be appreciated
    sorry if this is not posted in the right place, not very used to this sort of thing

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    I would say the following are your main options:

    Also, what do you mean by in-built battery, that you cannot remove the battery?

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    Default Thank-you for the quick reply =)

    Perhaps "Rechargeable Battery" would be a better term, I meant a camera that you would not have to repeatedly buy batteries for (AA - AAA) and you could simply plug in, I realize that this is not very common among cameras these days but that kind of thing annoys me to the extreme.

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    Yeah I wondered if that was what you meant, I had a Sony compact before I move onto DSLR and the rechargeable battery for that was brilliant. It lasted for ages! The Sony compact on the link has a rechargeable battery. I would recommend Sony batteries for the reason above.

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    Batteries that last a while would be useful, considering I'll be spending a while away from civilization on a barge. For the same reason, a memory card that will last a while is important. Noticed that the Samsung has a decent amount of money off it at the moment, that's looking quite attractive.

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