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    I have read lots of reviews over the last two weeks but am still none the wiser. My budget is around 150 for a do it all camera.
    I want to take pics of wildlife and aircraft so a zoom is important, also family pics. I would like to have alot of manual options for creative pics even though this would be a first good camera for me. Dslr is way out of my budget for this year, maybe next, so can you offer advice.
    I have been looking at fuji s series cameras but am aware of more compact cameras that seem to achieve the same results. I don't really care what it looks like.

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    The Fujifilm S1500 seems to fit the bill. It has DSLR handling and styling, a 12x zoom with image stabilisation, full manual controls and a costs well under 150. (Eg here, It did well in, scoring 88%.

    I believe its newer replacement is the S1600, which has a 15x zoom, but we haven't reviewed this one yet. You can find it


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