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    Default Newbie camera advice needed urgently! pretty please!

    ok so bought a sony cybershot dscw180 and the lens kept going faulty and after a couple repairs amazon are refunding me.

    I need a new camera asap (like in the next 2 weeks) which has the following features:
    1. great macro for photographing beads and jewellery
    2. decent point and shoot for regular photography
    3. at least 10mpx

    budget is prob up to 150.

    been told the panasonic lumix cameras are the best to get, but also been advised that the fujifilm f72exr is great (and is currently 149 in jessops).

    to be honest i'm useless with camera specs, i know i don;t want another sony though! there is too much choice out there.

    Would you mind pointing me in the righ direction please as time is of the essence!

    Many thanks

    shahlaa x

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    You've been unlucky with the Sony because they're one of the better brands. Lumix and Canon are pretty good too and Fuji also has some good models. It's difficult to suggest anything without knowing more about what you want.

    For example, are you after a pocketable camera, or a DSLR style camera with a bigger lens and a handgrip? Do you want a big zoom? Do you want some manual controls?

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    ok i would prefer a slimmer camera, probably the lumix tz8 and fuji f70exr are as big as i would like to go.

    i would like some manual control, especially with regards to flash and macro set up. I would like a decent zoom, but i will take advice on it. in reality, most of the photographs will be close ups of beads and jewellery but i will use it for snaps of friends/family/weddings etc. and i would want the megapixels high enough to blow up on canvases and also for magazine publication.

    does that help?

    i would really value some advice!

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    Most compacts can do Macro pretty well but you're asking quite a lot to get manual control in a pocket camera for your 150 limit. Another issue is that even those with manual may only have about 2-3 apertures to chose from so you won't have much control over depth of field. Focus is also an issue, as a compact like this will give you no control over the focus point.
    To be honest, although fine for snaps, weddings etc, the kind of camera you want is not ideally suitable for the kind of photography you'll be primarily using it for - beads and jewelry etc (although of course it dependson the standard of quality you're trying to achieve).

    But here's a small selection of good cameras you can find for around the 150 mark which we like, some of which fit your needs more than others. It isn't comprehensive - there are others, but these are all recommendable.

    Fuji F70EXR
    The EXR sensor is great for low light or high contrast. This one is small but has a 10x zoom. And manual exposure. Probably the closest fit for your needs.(The F200EXR is also worth a look too if you can find it cheap enough)

    Samsung WB500
    10x zoom, 720p HD movies, and Manual Mode

    Panasonic Lumix FS33
    Small but with 8x zoom and HD video. No manual exposure though

    Fuji S1500

    Although not the style of camera you want (being a big bigger) you may find you get better results, and more user control and better results using a bridge type camera like this (though still no manual focus control)


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