Hi there,

Looking for some help and advice. I currently have a Sony A-300 D-SLR and am now looking to upgrade. I want something that will be a noticeable improvement on my Sony in terms of picture quality. My budget is around 1000, including lens.

The main type of photos I take are portraits (my kids) and landscapes. I'm not hugely bothered by video (already have a Flip MIno HD) so am looking for a camera based on photo quality.

I had thought about a Canon 550D but went to Jessops and was advised the Canon 50D would be better for my needs as the sensor was bigger in the 50D and I didn't need the video on the 550D. Then went to another camera shop where they advised the 550D was better than the 50D as it is newer technology and has more features! So I am now really confused

Having done some research then the Nikon D90 also seems to get good reviews. My only concern with the D90 and the EOS 50D is both seem to have been out for a while so are they due to be replaced soon and therefore am I better waiting?

So should I get EOS 550D? EOS 50D? D90? Something else? Or wait 'til the replacement for the 50D comes out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.