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    Default Beginner - 1st DSLR

    hey guys,
    i currently have a compact digital camera and am wanting to get some better pictures. I am looking to upgrade to a DSLR. As a beginner i dont want to spend alot but i want something better than my current digital camera!

    I generally take pictures of static cars (as i go to alot of car shows) but i would also like to start taking pics of buildings and ancient ruins as i go to these places alot.

    I currently have a canon Ixus 70 7.1mp.

    I have been looking and 2 SLRs have come up. I was looking at the Nikon 3000d and the canon eos 1000d. Out of the 2, most people are telling me the nikon is better and after playing with both, the nikon does appear to come on top. I especially like the VR lense which reduces shake.

    HOWEVER, my friend has pointed one out to me, it is a canon 350d. She says because i am a beginner it will be much better for me (i dont need anything fancy!). The device is also slightly cheaper.

    i can get a nikon d3000 for 280 thats with the standard lense. Looking on ebay (IF) i get a bargain i could probably get a canon 350d for around 200 (although this seems to be a big IF at the moment!)

    If any1 has any advice i would be very appreciative!

    James S

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    The 350d is now an old product as it was first introduce in Feb 2005, and to buy it may be used. The D3000 has 10.2mp and the 350d has 8. However, the 350d has been seen to take fantastic photos and I know people who have the camera and are happy. I would recommend you purchase this months What Digital Camera magazine as there is a section on the 350d in there. I would also recommend you have a look at what Sony has to offer with the A230.

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    I have been looking on ebay for a 350d, but it seems they go for the same price as the Nikon, so for value for money it would make more sense to go for the 3000d as it is a better spec model.

    You are the first person to recommend the sony, no one else who i have spoken to has!

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Default Buying DSLR

    The most important thing to consider when buying your first DSLR is that you are probably locking yourself into that brand for the rest of your life, especially if you buy additional lenses, which we all do in the end.

    As to what camera to go for is the million dollar question!! I have a Nikon D300 which I can't fault.
    I would suggest visiting your nearest camera store to have a look and feel of the cameras that fit your budget. This is important because unless the camera feels comfortable in your hand it will never be your friend.

    As for brand, and this is coming from a confirmed Nikon Head, unless you are thinking of becoming a so called really serious photographer and going full format in the future, I would suggest going for a sony. They are really user friendly produce great results and have more affordable lenses.

    Hope this is helpful



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