Hi all, I recently bought the new Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W380 14.1mp as I wanted a better camera than what I had. My last camera was the old Sony Cyber Shot DSC-P200 7.2mp.

When taking the same photo I compared both pictures when put onto my desktop and surprisingly the better quality photo seems to be from the old camera by a good bit.
The colours seem a lot better and it looks a lot sharper.

Surely the newer model with the 14.1mp should be of better quality.

I do not have a memory card for my new camera, I'm just using the camera's memory which is not much, could this affect the quality of the picture and would it improve if I bought a memory card ?

I'm seriously thinking of returning it as my old one seems better quality.
I only want it for good quality family photo's.

I'd appreciate any help from all you camera experts out there as I'm fairly new to them.