i had a slr camera many years ago but once the body was beyond repair i left photography behind to pursue other hobbies, but i have found myself drawn back to taking photogrpahs through a course i am doing now.

i would like to get another canon camera but even had read the magazine several times over i still remain confused wot to get.

my budget is from 400 - 500 and i had thought to get a second hand eos500D but i dont know if including hdvideo is just confusing me or not. is it worth it? secondly the size of the camera matters a lot to the fell and i recently saw a 450D and found it to be too small for my rather large paws to navigate menus etc.
i weould like to be able to use some images to have printed myself, say up to a4 maybe a3 at a push

i would like a camera that i can grow into, add good lenses (macro/telephoto) which i can then import to ps4 to edit.

so my dilemma is wot should i do? go for a 500d or look at maybe a 5d or similar? HELP!