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    Smile Variable LCD screens

    I have a Canon 450D which I'm very pleased with but would also like to buy a compact camera which I can put in my pocket with reasonable zoom and a variable LCD screen. There don't seem to be any new so can anyone recommend a used camera I could consider? Thanks

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    I dont know makes and models but the big superstores seem to have reasonable cameras at reasonable prices(sometimes special offers).
    Try Asda,Sainsburys and Tescos to see whats on offer.

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    Hi Helen,

    It would help to know the kind of budget you're working with, and how small you need the camera to be. Obviously tilting LCD screens add bulk to the camera so don't tend to be found on the really pocket-sized cameras.
    If its for self portraits you might also consider the Samsung ST550 which has a secondary LCD screen on the front, as well as a lovely 3inch touch-screen on the back. It's a great camera.


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