I have a new Panasonic FZ38 which weighs in at 460gms fully loaded but I have no tripod...yet.

I am off to several airshows this summer and want to buy a light weight tripod and head for static shooting but also make use of the camera's video capability for formation air displays.

Looking in WDC there are brief reviews on some tripods but nothing that helpful so I have not a clue where to start. eg . I am presuming I need a Pan and Tilt head rather than ball & socket type for video ? My local Jessops have a few tripods and heads but would like advice from here before I approach them.

Can I mix and match tripods to heads from different makers ? Is that a good idea ?

Please can someone advise as to a suitable combination to suit my camera.

As to my budget, 175 - 200 to buy both bits.