Similar to a number of threads on here i'm afraid but i'm looking for a camera.....

I'm keen on the dslrs as it gives me room to improve to a more professional level of photography as i develop more myself but i want to start at an entry level but not be restricted by features or the restrictions of a lower level camera.

However, i've not completely ruled out compacts but have been put off the 4/3rds for a number of reasons.

My budget is around 350/400 which isn't an enormous amount of cash but i'm happy to go for second hand if it means i can get something that will really suit what i want.

In respect of what photos i want to take, well, everything. I'm off to the football in June, concerts are always good to have quality photos but also i'm keen on travelling and love taking landscapes but also the more down to earth unusual photos that can be taken in East London!

In the latest edition of WDC there were some really impressive photos taken with a canon 350d so i guess something like this would be my starting point (appreciate that they're a few years old now but you get the idea of what i'm after).

Thanks in advance.....