Check out the latest issue - What Digital Camera June, with a FREE Digital Photographer's Companion Book.

We're getting great feedback on the issue and the gift already:

"I read it on a train ride to Nuneaton and back, and by the time I got home, I knew what to do with my new DSLR. Thanks for a great freebie!" Nigel Williams Jazz FM.

"As someone with an in-built dislike of 'straight in the bin' inserts stuffed in magazines, I nearly committed a big mistake with the June issue.

In a word, 'fantastic' is the best way to describe my appreciation of the excellent Digital Photographer's Companion. What a gem this is and a great size for keeping easily. No chance of binning, for sure.

Congratulations to NA for creating something focused, clear and very helpful in so many ways. Just hope this is the start of an occasional series and not a one-off wonder!

Thanks again, and I'll be more careful about checking inserts first from now on." T. Foster.