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    Question what would you do?

    You are looking for your first dslr for architecture,landscape and hdr. you want some thing thats worth having for your budget, say 1000.
    Would you spend the money on a camera with kit lense or buy a camera body and choose a separate lense?
    which camera kit would you choose?
    or if buying separate would you spend more on the camera and less on the lense?
    or vice versa?
    Which body and which lense would you choose?
    These are just some things i cant decide on and was wondering what others would do.

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    Default my take

    i would buy nikon D90 with 18-105 dx ed vr kitlense (here around 700 euro) and a memory card 4 gb 133x (40 euro) and a extra battery for 80 euro and save the rest for spending later

    I have a almost the same setup : Nikon D80 +18-105 dx ed vr and it serves me well but the lense was new the body is used .

    it saved me some cash for a holiday this way and i do not like the built in video of the D90..

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    I pretty much agree with nikonian the D90 is a very nice piece of kit and the wide end of the kit lens is very suitable for landscapes and architecture but beware of extra costs like more memory cards,rocket blower,cleaning cloth a tripod and possibly a cable release and a bag to stuff it all in.
    I always reccommend the tripod which will help greatly with the subjects youve suggested.
    Dont forget you can go into somewhere like Jessops and have a feel of the camera you are thinking of buying to see if its for you.
    Good luck


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