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    Default Sony nex 3

    are the uk to be ripped off again - this camera in usa is to be sold with flash unit - not so in uk sony say has to be purchased seperately

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    Not so. Where did you hear that. I was told by Sony that it comes with the camera. Certainly in the case of the NEX-5 anyway. I'll have to check on the NEX-3.

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    Default Sony nex3

    i phoned sony uk after speaking to 2 of the retailers already advertising the product - both said no flash unit supplied with camera- then phoned Sony uk - also said no flash supplied with camera- would need to purchase unit GN7-

    The price quoted for the product after exhange rated is the same as usa but they have the flash unit in the kit- no equivalent price reduction for the lack of flash unit in uk- we are being ripped off???

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    I have just contacted Paul Genge, who is the Technical Field Sales Manager for Digital Imaging at Sony UK, and received the following reply:

    That is incorrect.

    All cameras, NEX 3 and NEX 5 will be provided with the flash.


    This would suggest that, at best, the retailers you have contacted are mis-informed, and conceivably may be deliberately removing the flash from the box so they can then sell them as 'extras' to make more money out of them.

    My advice would be go back to them with this information and if they still insist on not including the flash to name and shame them in this forum.

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    Default sony nex 3

    hi Nigel - Park cameras and Best cameras - said no flash also both websites show now flash unit - also Sony's own uk sales staff said no flash unit !!

    Regards Andrew

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    Default sony nex 3

    sorry nigel should say both sites do not show a flash unit sorry


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    I don't know much about Best but Park Cameras is a very reputable dealer and my own local camera shop. They're usually very informed so I suspect there is some breakdown in communication at Sony's end, especially given that some of their own staff are also saying this.

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    Default all NEX include flash

    Hello AndGilh,

    To reassure you, both the NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras will include the flash in the box. This is a standard accessory.

    I will be making the proprietors of both Best Cameras and Park Cameras aware of your post, so as they can advise their store staff accordingly.

    Our training team have already provided information to our call centre team. I apologise they have misadvised you in this instance. I shall pass this onto the centre manager, to ensure this doesnít happen again.

    We are aiming to have stock of both cameras into the photographic retailerís week commencing 7th June. This will include most photographic independents, including Park Cameras and Best Cameras as well as Jessops.

    I trust you will appreciate the cameras when you have opportunity to handle them firsthand.

    Best Wishes
    Paul Genge

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    Hooray for WDC, alls well that ends well


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