I am new to the forum, and was wondering if someone could help me please. I have been perusing the site for a week or so now, but am still uncertain as to what camera to buy...

My situation is that I'm going travelling in a months time, and need an upgrade to my ancient Olympus compact camera. I have been looking at the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 which seems to have a lot of the features that I really like...

but I have also been looking at the Samsung ST1000 which has a lot of the connectivity features that I want, i'm very confused! Is there a camera that combines the too??

I am looking for a camera with:

- decent resolution (minimum of 10mp)
- good zoom (10x or higher) 25mm focal length
- face recognition (10 would be nice)
- GPS geotagging
- Bluetooth
- I quite like the idea of Sony's panoramic photos, but not essential

Any help would be hugely appreciated.