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    I need help buying my first DSLR, the reason buying one is to take decent action photos, well pictures of the hockey team and other sports. However budget is 500, can I get something decent for action shots? My knowledge is fairly limited on this topic. Regarding getting quality action shots does it depend on the camera or the actual lens?

    Looking forward to the advice!


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    Regarding getting quality action shots does it depend on the camera or the actual lens?
    Primarily it depends on the person behind the camera and lens, no matter what the budget.

    I would advise reading the relevant <500 reviews here, also Amateur Photographer have recently reviewed four 500 DSLR bodies, make a shortlist and then take your money to a local independent retailer, explain your needs, listen to their advice and then find the DSLR which feels right for you, the primary component in the photographer, camera, lens equation

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    You can get a beginner DSLR with a zoom lens for 500, and I would probably recommend a fair amount of shopping around to get a decent kit. Although the 18-55mm lens which comes with most DSLRs is ok for general snaps a longer zoom works better for sports photography. Something around a 75-300 will do you fine. Sports photography is all about practise, and learning the gaps in reaction between the movement of the subject and you hitting the release. You also have to take the speed of the autofocus into account, as well as tempering the shutter speed to the brightness of the image. I started off with a crappy second hand 75-300mm lens and my Canon EOS 350D, and have been steadily trading up for years. But the best way to learn is to keep on shooting, and of course read WDC for tips :-)


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