First off, I think it's great that a camera manufacturer has dared to think out of the box and design a never before seen brand new product, but to be totally honest I think that it is not a very good idea - at all.

Everything is ridiculously over-priced, and, take a step back for a second and you realise, "hang on, all they are selling is cameras which slot nicely into a little holder"

Honestly in my opinion people are much better off buying separate cameras, as then you are not limited to the small and expensive range of ricoh attachments, when there is a much larger choice of cheaper, and better quality purpose built point and shoot cameras out there.

I think that there is still the opportunity for the ricoh system to take off, especially if they down the price and come up with some never seen before things on compact cameras, e.g a 70-200 2.8 or something along those lines, as there are no real 'professional' compact cameras, and with only a few coming under the enthusiast range, the new system could create a storm throughout the camera market.

Just my two cents,

On a side note, anybody think it would have been cool if they actually sold sensor's and lenses separately, but they all that attach to one body, so for example you could pair an aps-c 35mm sensor with say a 70-200 for portrait photography, and then you decide you want to do some wildlife photography, so you throw in a four thirds sensor and take advantage of the crop ratio. genius lol!
obviously sensor damage would be a big issue though, but there would be a way around it lol