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    Default help! important camera decision


    Im going to buy a camera but im stuck between two choices and i need opinions!

    The olympus E30 with the zuiko 50-200mm SWD lens OR the Canon 550D with the Canon EF 70-200mm f4L IS USM lens

    I can get either camera + lens for 1500

    Which do u think i should go for

    thank you

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    I don't know either camera myself but my money would go on the Canon being the better of the 2. But then again I may be a bit biased as I like my Canons

    Am guessing you are aware that the lenses you mention are telephotos? Long telephoto lenses are ideal for some things but not most folk's idea of a general purpose walkabout lens as they don't have a wide angle option.

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    thx for the reply

    I know that they are telephoto lenses, i want to take stuff from far away , but i can still use it as a walkabout lens cant i? i just have to stand farther back.

    The thing is, i wasnt sure if i should go with the canon or olympus the reason being i know olympus lenses are really good and seen the lovely quality from them (swd lens) but then ive been hearing that the canon 550d image quality is really good (better than the olympus e30) and also that canon lens i mentioned has also been praised so im not sure what to go for.

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    i think i would go for the 550d with the kit 18-55 and get the 55-250 zoom


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