Post a review of your digital camera, lens or accessory on this forum, and if we publish it in What Digital Camera magazine you'll get 50 cash!

When we review cameras we get them for a relatively short amount of time, and although we test them thoroughly, sometimes certain features or handling quirks only come to the fore over time as being particulary good or irritating. That's why we want to hear what you think of your own gear, which you will have owned and used over a sustained period of time and got to know its foibles.

There are just a few ground rules:

Reviews must be around 150 words. Not less than 120, and not more than 180, and of course all the words must be your own. We may edit them though for grammar, punctuation, readability or length reasons.

At the end of the review we need a pros and cons summary. Just a few words of each.

Post your review on this Contribute to WDC board as a new thread, with the name of the product as the title, followed by the word 'review'.

Post as many reviews as you like. We'll proabbly just pick one, at least initially, but may revisit the others at a later date.

When writing your review be as specific as possible. 'Image Quality is rubbish' is not very helpful. Why is it rubbish? Is it because of noise, sharpness, exposure? The more specific and focused your comments, the greater the chance we'll publish it.

Bear in mind that we only publish one user review per month (at the moment) so it may take several months before we get around to your review. Don't worry, we'll be checking here regularly.

If we publish your review we'll need to contact you to get your details for the payment, so check your private messages.

If you have any questions email them to or message me directly via this forum.

Nigel Atherton