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    Question help with dslr

    HI guys am sure you get asked this loads of times , but am still info hunting and trying to learn as much as i can before i jump in to buying a dslr. I always have my sony cyber shot which i find limited, with me but have taken a real interest for a dslr because of there range of features, I am going to new york shortly and want to take good photo memories back home with me. I Hope to get in to photogarphy on a hobie interest as i do a bit of outdoor work and sports. I have narrowed my search down to 3 cameras , canon 450 d, 1000d with 75- 300m lense, and the nikond5000, all come with standard kit lense apart from the 1000d , all are in round the 500 mark what one is best suited to a new but willing to learn photographer ??? also what lense would you recomend for holidays ?? buildings and architecture mostly ?? Any advice would be appreciated

    i dont want to start a nikon canon war either thanks

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    Of the three models referenced I'd probably steer you toward the EOS 450D, as it's slightly more advanced than the EOS 1000D. The Nikon D5000 is also a superb camera, with an excellent Guide Mode for beginners, but I personally prefer the handling on the EOS. I'd recommend trying the camera in hand before purchasing.

    A wider lens for landscape photogrpahy is worth purchasing, something like the would be worth a look.

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    Thanks matt , my friend bought the nikon and i do like it but have held both cameras now and like the feel of the canon better, from pictures i have seen taken i find it hard to see on better than the other , i was advised by a pro photographer to go with canon as there are more lenses new and second hand, thanks for the lens advice aswell

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    I would certainly dispute that there are more lenses new and secondhand for the Canon than the Nikon. That's nonsense - unlike the Canon you can use pretty most Nikon lenses from the last 40 years on the D5000, albeit with some loss of functions. Not that you'd necessarily want to do that so I wouldn't consider that a major factor in your decision.
    Of these three models the D5000 is the only one with video and a tilting screen. If neither of these is an issue its mainly the handling that will decide it because, as you say, you'd be pressed to see much difference in image quality.
    The act that you preferred the handling of the Canon kind of answers your question, and as matt says the EOS 450 is slightly better spec than the EOS 1000D.

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    Thanks for your input , i know in my head which camera i like , but i would rather have a few opinions of people who know alot more about them than i do, like the nikon aswell but played about more with the canon just liked it that bit better . although a flip out screen would be handy ? only time will tell , thanks guys

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    Honestly, far, far more important than anyone else's opinion or even than the ultimate quality difference is which one you feel happiest with, as that's the one you'll take the best pictures with.

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    I agree , but being new to dslr , i just appreciate the advice of others on the subject . il prob be on again looking for lense advice , but thanks so far guys

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    Though id up date this for anyone else undecided about first dslr. I Went for the d5000 in the end , felt right in my hand and just seemed better for me , found plenty of helpful sites and there a couple of magazines out there giving help and tips on how to use it, more than happy with it and cant wait to get to new york to use it , thanks for advice guys


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