HI guys am sure you get asked this loads of times , but am still info hunting and trying to learn as much as i can before i jump in to buying a dslr. I always have my sony cyber shot which i find limited, with me but have taken a real interest for a dslr because of there range of features, I am going to new york shortly and want to take good photo memories back home with me. I Hope to get in to photogarphy on a hobie interest as i do a bit of outdoor work and sports. I have narrowed my search down to 3 cameras , canon 450 d, 1000d with 75- 300m lense, and the nikond5000, all come with standard kit lense apart from the 1000d , all are in round the 500 mark what one is best suited to a new but willing to learn photographer ??? also what lense would you recomend for holidays ?? buildings and architecture mostly ?? Any advice would be appreciated

i dont want to start a nikon canon war either thanks