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    Default Much difference between Nikon D90 and a Nikon D5000?

    Looking to get my first DSLR after many years of being disappointed with the quality of compact digitals, especially when it comes to interior/flash shots, even with my 4 month old Canon S90.

    (Which friends in the know and a shop pro or two have told has the potential to wow me, if I learn how to take pictures properly - I don't mean framing, I mean light, settings etc.) However:

    I was hugely impressed by a friend's Nikon D90 last summer, but it might be slightly out of my price bracket - I was thinking more along the lines of the Nikon D5000.

    Are the two comparable in terms of image quality? Will I be as impressed with the quality of the D5000 as I was with D90? It wasn't a pro taking the shots last summer, it was me or my sister (her boyfriend's camera), and it was point-and-shoot wow, almost every shot.

    Any thoughts or advice gratefully received.


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    Image quality should be much the same (same sensor/processor) but there are a few differences in the specs.
    Firstly, the D90 is a larger, heavier more robust body, while the D5000 is smaller, lighter and more like the D3000 in design.
    The D90 has a 3inch 920k dot high-res LCD screen, the D5000 has a low res (230k dot) 2.7inch tilt and swivel screen.
    The D90 has a built in focus motor so it can autofocus with any AF Nikon mount lens, the D5000 does not, so it only works in AF with lenses that have their own focusing motors - eg Nikon's AF-S lenses.
    The D5000 has the beginner-friendly user interface which explains how to use the various functions, making it more suitable for novices.

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    Cool, many thanks for your informative reply.

    Just one last question or so.....
    About the lenses, does Nikon do a standard one that comes with the camera? (One with a focusing motor, of course).
    Or will I always have a to buy a body and choose a lens?



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