Just read your test on the Oly EPL-1 which I've just got.

I love it but do agree with most of your criticisms, one thing you failed to mention is the fact that it can't make use of a wired remote, Oly's own accessory.

I recieved conflicting advice about this as I emailed OLYMPUS Uk Customer Support and they could'nt answer my question but advised me to phone the OLYMPUS Tech Centre, in Germany, which I did and was told the wired remote would work ok on the EPL-1.

Well let me tell you it DOES NOT !!!

As I tried one out on my own camera in my nearest Olympus Specialist Dealer's shop and even though it fitted it would not activate the shutter, but to check we did get it to work on the EP-1 the shop had in their window.

So, there's another Minus point to consider if you're thinking of buying one and need a remote.

Hope this helps you !