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    Default Document Mode in Compact

    I am a novice re digital cameras, but wish to buy a new Compact for my wife. The latest copy of What Digital Camera has helpful advice and one or two look very promising, but none of them specifically mention whether they have a Document Mode. This is important as she needs to photo official documents; she is a very keen genealogist. She current has a old HP Photosmart that has this mode and produces very good shots of documents. The manual informs me that this mode uses a high contrast setting and a low saturation setting, with flash automatically off. I can see that most of the new cameras have the ability to turn off the flash (very important) but I cannot see if they have the ability of high contrast low saturation, as well as getting up close - I warned you I'm a real dummy, but thank you in advance; I am looking at the Cannon Powershot SX210 IS or Sony Cyber-Shot HX5.

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    Casio might be worth a look as I've found their best shot scene modes work a treat around the office.


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