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    I am planning to get a DSLR camera shortly, and there seems to be plenty of choice of 10 megapixel cameras (which I think I will be happy with) for around 400. I still have my old Pentax P50 and I wondered if the two lens from this would fit and be fully functional on current Pentax cameras? If so is it worth me getting a Pentax body or should I disregard that and look at all the alternatives? One lens is a Takumar-A zoom 28-80mm ok not a top job but I have already got it!

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    I'd say it's worth hanging onto your lenses if you're comfortable using them and happy with the images they produce. A standard AF pentax bayonet fit lens should work with the likes of the K-m and K-x, but be prepared for the AF not to function on certain incarnations. Without being 100% familiar with the lens in question I'd advise you to try it on a body in your local lens shop, or e-mail Pentax product support. If it's the same type of mount, which I'm pretty sure it is, the lens will work but functionality may be limited and there will be an alteration to the focal length of around 1.54x, turning your 28-80mm lens into a 43-123mm. As you'll get a similar focal length with the camera if you buy a kit, it might not be worth you hanging onto the old lens if you aren't too attached to it.

    What other lens do you own?


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