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    Just a quickie to all those in the know. I'm looking for my first DSLR. I'm keen for a Canon as I have a Canon compact that has always been good to me and want to remain with them. I have been looking into the 450d, but was wondering whether its worth spending a little bit more to get the 500d? It will be used for general photography, family, landscape, wildlife etc etc. although I'm not all that fussy about having the HD video feature, and because of that wondered if the 450d would sufice?

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    yeah i had a 450D as my first DSLR and it worked perfectly as a first camera, easy to use and learn your way around the basics, i dont believe you need to spend the extra especially as you could get one secondhand even cheaper

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    I agree with the previous poster, buy a seconhand 350 or 450 (ebay or local classifieds) .

    For a sturdier, albeit heavier, body go for the 40D (seconhand of course).

    The urge to upgrade will soon enough materialize itself and you'll need the excuse to yourself or better half to trade up

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    Thumbs up 450d

    The 450D is an excellent camera and there are some very good deals on it at the moment. I have had one for 2 years and it has never let me down. Its lightweight and small which suits me because I have small hands so try the buttons etc in a store first if you have "larger paws". I also have a 5D (great camera) and a 7D + a G9 so I guess I am a Canon user!

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    Default canon

    i have dslr canon eos 400 d with two zooms lenses that it do for my kind of which is general and specialist photography the 450 is a good for you

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    hi Martin
    Like whats all ready been said 450D is a good cam i use the 500D me self and theres not much difference in the two models any 450D is 12.2 megapixel and the Image processor is DIGIC III were the 500D is 15.1 megapixel and the Image processor is a DIGIC 4 and as the HD movie mode
    im glad when i brought mine i payed that little extra and got the 500D

    All the best in which one you end up buying



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