Hi! I am not a professional photographer but I took a lot of pictures with my Panasonic TZ-6 - both in- and outdoor - and I was always more than satisfied with the result. Regarding your concerns, I can tell you this:
- it's very easy to use, you can select the EASY mode on the selector and the camera will decide which is the best settings to use. All you need to do is to press the button
- in my experience it's quick enough to catch real life scenes
- it probably has got a continuous shot function, though I am not sure as I haven't used this function at all in the past. You can check up a review on the web about that
-I used mine to take a lot of shots indoor during parties and evening with friends, the result is really good with or without the use of the flash

In terms of price you can easily find one online betweek 160 and 170 pounds, then you can use the rest for a good case and the memory and you are still in the budget. Have a look at this comparison website to check up a couple of prices:http://www.shoppydoo.co.uk/offers-di...x_dmc_tz6.html
Ah! I nearly forgot! The zoom is a good 10X optical, this helps a lot if you want to take pictures of children and catch some particulars, like their face expression for example.

I hope it helps,