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    Default Need an all round camera for world cup & safari


    I am looking for a new camera to take to south africa this summer for the world cup. It needs to be a good all rounder as I want to not only use it for the normal holiday snaps, but also on safari and at the matches (most of which are at night). A good optical zoom would be a priority and my pet hate is shutter lag.

    I have been using a Fuji F30 which has served me well since the last world cup, especially when it comes to taking photos in low light. Looking to spend anywhere between 100-250 and probably want a compact rather than a bridge as I need to be able to carry it around subtly out there.

    Any recommendations of cameras I should be considering?

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    Ok, I seem to have narrowed it down to the Panasonic TZ7 & the Fuji F70/72. Now really struggling to decide between the two cameras. Any comments about either camera?

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    I'm also looking for comments on the same cameras - going to lots of indoor music concerts and want some good shots - good zoom and wide=angle a must.

    any comments appreciated ........ please!

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    The Fuji F70EXR is a cracking camera in low light, offering the advantages of the EXR chip which does a variation on HDR to combine various exposure settings for the best possible end image. The TZ7 is an excellent all round camera, with a superb zoom and impressive movie mode but no manual features, unlike the Fuji.
    Both are excellent, but the Fuji is slightly better in low light and the Panasonic is the better point and shoot model.

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    Thanks Matt,

    How does the F80 & TZ10 compare? I have read a lot of criticism of the F80 being a step backwards as the image quality is reduced despite the increase in megapixels. Is the TZ10 a big improvement on the TZ7?


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