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    Hi all, I have no idea about a good or bad camcorder as I dont own one, my parents have one, a Sony Handycam 205E but wish to upgrade, I guess things have moved on now, they are quite into ballroom dancing and belong to a club that go in for amateur competitions.
    They record a lot of the dancing and do some editing/recording for other club members that they then supply a disc to.
    It would be used for holidays/days out etc, but the dancing is the main hobby.
    Can anyone recommend a camcorder for this type of use, max 1000 inclusive of any required add ons, but cheaper would be good, I know that they have mentioned lighting and sound quality before, thanks.

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    Hi Graham,

    we're not really experts on camcorders either, being mostly centred around the stills side of photography. Have you considered a digital SLR with video capabilities? The Panasonic GH1 is a fantastically compact model micro Four Thirds camera with removable lenses and the ability to shoot 1080p HD video. The EOS 550D is in a similar camp, but is a traditional DSLR. Video quality from both is as good as, if not better than, a camcorder and both have the versatility of manual adjustments to focus, shutter speed and aperture as well as being able to purcahse extra lenses to cater the camera to the situation, such as a wide angle lens for landscape shooting etc.

    The Canon EOS 550D even has a high speed 60fps mode, which may provide some assistance when analysing dance moves after the event.

    Many thanks,



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