Hi. This is my first post.
First off-GREAT MAG. Now down to business.
About to venture into the big world of dslr photography. Kind of set my sights on a nikon D3000 but foolishly started taking too much notice of lots of different reviews online and in mags. Have been into several shops to see how different cameras feel. I Like the feel of the D3000 but also the D5000 and the Canon eos450d. Then today I held the eos500d which I liked also. At this rate by christmas I should have my priority list down to about 100 or so different cameras.
Dont want to just get the nikon D3000 and regret it later.Not too bothered about live view or video really so not too sure the D5000 is worth the extra cash-or is the image quality that much better? Or am I better off with a Canon? Confused? I know I am. Most of my shots will be landscape and architectural. PLEASE help me make a decision. Any feedback appreciated. THANKS.