Hi all, I'm trying to decide on my first DSLR. I think I've narrowed it down to the Canon EOS 50D or the Nikon D90. Just interested to hear any comments or recommendations.

I'll be using the camera to take travel photos and landscapes, as well as sports photos such as mountain biking, skiing, and surfing. I'd like to have reasonably high fps on continuous shoot and a good auto focussing system.

As I understand it, the Canon is probably the better camera (??), but it is also more expensive. And both of them are getting a little bit old. I'll also be needing to buy a couple of lenses which is influencing my decision. Apparently the Canon lenses are a bit cheaper and the auto-focus in in the camera body, but I'll need to buy lenses with built-in auto-focus for the Nikon?

Any help is much appreciated!