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    Smile what to buy

    I am looking to buy a Canon DSLR. Haven't really used one much before, what I have been using is a bridge camera and a compact. I have been looking at the 7D but it is a little over my budget, but this camera is going to have to see me over three years. Is this camera going to be too complicated and hard to use for a 'newby' or is it worth me saving a little longer?

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    Look at the new EOS 550D, tested in our next issue. It has many of the features of the 7D, including the same sensor resolution, same metering system and same video spec but its significantly cheaper. It doesn't have the robust semi-pro body of the 7D, but for general use the build quality is fine, and on the plus side its smaller and lighter than the 7D. Go into a shop and handle them both.

    As for your question about whether its too complicated, you might find the 550D easier as it has a selection of scene modes on the dial which you can use until you get the knowledge and confidence to explore the creative modes.


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