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    Default Panasonic TZ6, TZ7 or TZ65?


    I had narrowed my camera choice down to either the TZ6 or the TZ7, but i have today discovered the TZ65, which is only available in certain shops.

    I cant decide which one to buy, i know the TZ7 has a better video facility, but I'm more interested in taking pictures than filming, can anyone advise me of the differences, other than the video, between the TZ6 & TZ7, I'm wondering if it is worth the extra money for the TZ7, and also if anyone has info on the TZ65 and how this compares to the others that would be really helpful.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Differences


    AFAIK the TZ65 and TZ6 are the same. The TZ65 was a special run for certain outlets.

    The main differences between the TZ7 and TZ6 are as follows:

    10mp sensor as against 12mp sensor.

    Slightly smaller LCD 2.7 as against 3.0 ins.

    230,000 pixel screen as against 460,000 pixel screen (which allows you to zoom into images to see if they're sharp). However, the 230,000 px screen is very usable.

    No HD video. Has standard 848x480, 640x480 etc. in Motion JPEG (no AVCHD Lite) which is harder to edit so I don't use it.

    No stereo sound.

    That's about it, so if you don't need the above, then go for the TZ6 (TZ65)

    Images from the TZ6 are as good as the TZ7 (known as the ZS1 in the US.



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