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    Default Nikon d3000 or d5000

    I have decided to get a nikon but am in a dilema as to weather to get th enikon d3000 or the d5000
    would love some advice
    i know this my be daft am not bother about live view or the video on the d5000
    but my be it is better cos it a better model i dnt know any advice thanks

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    Default D5000


    Well, if you're going to do any indoor photos of the family or close-up photography etc, then live view is great...

    Also, it's nice to have the video on board, even if it is just for record purposes - I used to be a non-believer of mixing stills with video but not any more...

    And what about the swivel screen that allows you to get those low down pavement shots and shoot over the heads of people - great fun...

    In the end though it's down to you and might be best to try them both out at your local photo shop...




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    I just answered that exact same question

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    is there a big diffrence in the technical difference between a CCD and CMOS would you really notice the diffrence and thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by pike25lb View Post
    is there a big diffrence in the technical difference between a CCD and CMOS would you really notice the diffrence and thanks
    CCD sensors are more sensitive compared to former resulting in better images especially in low light conditions

    CMOS sensors are cheaper to produce.

    Googling gives more info;

    and page
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    In reality, you won't notice any real difference unless you're one of those people who spends their evenings squinting at your images at 200% on your monitor trying to find technical faults.
    Some companies like Sony use a mix of CCDs and CMOS sensors in different models CCDs in their cheaper ones.

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    Hi there,

    Like Pike25lb, I am also torn between the Nikon D3000 and D5000. I looked at your other post Nigel and it relates to more of a comparison between the D5000 and the Canon EOS 500D.

    If budget is a non-issue, is it worth paying the extra 120 for the D5000 features such as live view and the swivel screen (which as you mentioned is somewhat flawed due to the fact it hinges at the bottom of screen rather than on the side). I've found the D3000 at Calumet for 350 and the D5000 at 470 after you've taken into account the 50 cashback from Nikon.

    Is the D5000 really that much better to warrant the extra cash bearing in mind general camera use for landscapes, travel shots, family etc?

    Also just wondered whether you would recomend a particular filter manufacturer for a UV filter to protect the lense? I've been told that it's important to have one to reduce scratching etc and remove the blue tint caused by UV. Is it worth buying a Hoya, Tiffin or Cokin one or just get something from Jessops etc?


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    I'm sorry, I didn't read the original question properly.
    The D5000 does have a few things going for it over the D3000:

    Higher resolution sensor (12MP vs 10MP) and slightly better image quality
    Titling screen (still useful for hand-held high/low angle shots though it isnt perfect)
    Live View
    Video mode (not a great one, but possibly better than nothing?
    Better viewfinder (pentaprism vs pentamirror)

    If any of these is important to you then get the D5000. Otherwise save your money.

    UV filters, get a round screw in one, so not Cokin. But Hoya, Tiffen, B&W are all good, and even Jessops own should be fine for your needs.


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