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    Default Nikon D5000 or Canon Eos D500?

    i am a complete novice and have worked out that these 2 cameras look pretty good - but i can't work out which to go for. The reviews seem to pitch them evenly. Any advice?

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    We tested them head to head in our October 2009 issue and the Canon won it by a whisker. It has several advantages over the Nikon:

    Higher resolution (15.1MP vs 12.3MP)
    Bigger, higher resolution screen (3inch 920k dot vs 2.7inch 230k dots)
    Higher maximum ISO (12,800 vs 6400)
    Superior movie mode (1080p, AVCHD for 12 mins vs 720p, MJPEG for 5 mins)

    The Nikon D5000 has a tilt and swivel screen which you may prefer to the higher resolution for certain types of work, but the way it's been implemented is not the best (it's impossible to use for self-portraits on a tripod, for example, as it swings out below the camera).

    Having said that the image quality difference between the two cameras is minimal and you may prefer the handling of the Nikon if you tried them both out. Read our tests of the and and then go and play with them both before deciding.


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