Hi there,
I am interested in developing my photography skills and have been looking for a new digital camera, but there are so many to choose from, i am stuck!
I like taking pics of landscapes and flowers, along with general holiday snaps and of friends, my dogs etc. Up to now i have been using a 5 MP Casio Elixim, which i bought 4 years ago, I am in desperate need of an upgrade!
I would like the camera to show colours well and take good pictures in dark/bright light, i would also like it to be easy to carry and have some sort of anti-shake setting (although anti-shake not essential). Along with the ability to take good quality pictures, i would like to learn something from the camera, i have therefore been veering away from the "compact" cameras, but is this a mistake? I have been looking at the Canon G11, but i think perhaps this may be a little too advanced for me at this stage as i don't have much technical knowledge, it is also more expensive than i am hoping to spend, can anyone offer me some advice please?
I have a budget in mind of 200-300, i don't want to spend hundreds as i may choose to upgrade again once i am more confident with the technical side of things, but at the same time i would like more than a basic snap shot camera.

Many thanks